Welcome To Pecos New Mexico

The Vacation You've Always Dreamed Of. Pecos is for people who want to explore the simpler, purer path. It's a village tucked into a river valley, with a horizon that scans mountains and meadows and mesas and plains.

The Pecos Wilderness

The Pecos Wilderness is a protected wilderness area within the Santa Fe National Forest and Carson National Forest. Explore over 223,00 Acres of Pristine Unspoiled Wilderness.

A village tucked into a river valley

Pecos is a place to feel the joy of leaving no tracks. A place to remember what it's like to be civilized in the wilderness. Pecos is a place to hike, fish, horseback ride and meditate.

10,000 Years of History

Pecos is a gateway allowing travel from the Great Plains to Santa Fe through the southern Rocky Mountains. Used by Pueblo & Plains Indians, Spanish, Mexican & Anglo Armies.

The Battle of Glorieta Pass

One of the many attractions in Pecos, The Battle of Glorieta Pass was the decisive battle of the New Mexico Campaign during the American Civil War. It is referred to as The "Gettysburg of the West."

Explore Santa Fe, New Mexico

The distance between Pecos and Santa Fe is 17 miles. Santa Fe is widely considered one of the country's great art cities, and it is recognized by UNESCO's Creative Cities Network.

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Pecos, New Mexico Lodging

Welcome to Some of Our Enchanting Places to Stay Along the Pecos River and In Our Forests!

Facts About Pecos, New Mexico

New Mexico True - Pecos Virtual Tour

Heartfelt Memories Of Pecos

A small sampling of comments we've received from visitors to our welcoming and inclusive community!

Wow! What a wonderful tour of Pecos. I had the opportunity to live in Pecos for about 4 years before moving back to Santa Fe. I can truly say I miss the clean air, the wonderful views and all the people I met, especially my students. Brian and Bob, thanks for reminding me that the Pecos website is up and running. I miss Frankie's see you soon!

~ E.S.

To The Wonderful People of Pecos, I had the fortunate experience of meeting some of your residents during a less-than-fortunate incident. I was traveling from Lake Havasu City, AZ to Pueblo CO to deliver a boat I had sold to a man in Denver. My boat is not a 16 or 18 footer it is 36 foot long. After filling my truck at one of your gas stations I was in a hurry to get back on the road. Thinking I was headed in the wrong direction I made a quick and not-so-well-thought-out turn. Or should I say attempt at a turn. My turn left me with the trailer high centered blocking the entire street. My anxiety shot up as I began to grasp for ways out of an almost impossible one-man situation. But within minutes, perhaps seconds, there were five or six gentleman there to help - and if I had enlisted the help of all that asked if they could help there would have been about 20 or 30. After a little contemplation by all of us one gentleman told me he would be right back with a piece of equipment. In just a few minutes he returned with a backhoe and in a short while the boat was back on the street and hooked up to my truck. Was I ever relieved. I asked for a business card from the gentleman with the backhoe in order to send him something, but he said, "no problem". I cannot tell you enough how much that experience meant to me. It may seem like a relatively minor happening but it was a wonderful reminder that there are many, many good people in this country - and many of them live in Pecos! If you have a way to get this message to the folks of Pecos it would be appreciated. I want to thank all of you who helped and all of you who offered to help. I will always visit your town on my journeys to Colorado. You have a wonderful community and your people are what make it so. Thank you.

~ Scott Mathews

What a wonderful website! We have a home in Pecos over looking Rowe Mesa (Glorieta Mesa). We are currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I miss Pecos, it's a beautiful area and the people are very warm and friendly. I worked at PVMC for two years, it's a great facility that serves the community. I hope to return to NM soon.

~ G.L.

I moved to Las Vegas Nevada from Pecos (Born and Raised) in 1999, and have visited family in Pecos maybe three times since then. Looking at these pictures on this site makes me so home sick. Especially looking at the Pecos Natl. Monument and the Pecos River. I can now really appreciate its true beauty and magnificence. Who knows, I might end up back there.

~ R.F.

The pictures in this website are beautiful. My mothers family (The Roybals)are from Pecos. I have treasured memories of Pecos and my wonderful family. Bravo!

~ L.P.

Great photos...great representation of how beautiful Pecos is. I am somewhat biased since I am a native of Pecos. One of my greatest blessings in life, my Dad, Roman Lujan Jr. still lives there and do my sisters and brother. No matter where I go..I have always said that my heart and maybe even my soul are in Pecos and you have so wonderfully reminded me why. Keep showing the beauty of Pecos and of its people....job well-done.

~ Lisa and daughters, Alesa and Alianza

I absolutely fell in love with the scenery and the "carefree" atmosphere! I wish to visit again soon.

~ J.B.

Great looking web site. We are summer neighbors to the Mountain Man in Cowles.I can't wait to get back to God's country.

~ B.T.

Hello, my husband and I visited Pecos last year. We fell in love with the peaceful nature. We lived on Los Lunas for 5 months before we moved back to California but are highly considering relocating to Pecos/Rowe.

~ Mary

Great web site. I found it by accident. I was born in New Mexico and was brought to Arizona when I was 5 years old. I lived all my life in Phoenix but I spent many summers as a kid in Pecos many years ago because that is where my family is from. It is a beautiful and magical place and I have great memories of it, especially the Saturday night dances. I live in phoenix but my heart is in Pecos.

~ L.Q.

I have just purchased property on Pinon Ridge Rd and cannot believe the beauty and serenity of my area.

~ M.C.

I've found your website as I surf the net from Moscow, Russia to visit New Mexico next month for a conference. We will put Pecos on our itinerary for a drive.

~ C.P.

My husband always dreamed of living in Santa Fe. So he brought me there to see how beautiful it is. But while riding around the area, I fell in love with Pecos. The beautiful mesa, the amazing arroyos and the proud people who live there caught my heart. We are building our home up in Luz del Sol, and have named it La Cuesta de Cicuya in honor of the people who first inhabited the land. With our love and respect, we will become citizens of Pecos, devoted to protecting and preserving the heritage of the land.

~ W.W.

Just left my wonderful NEW home in Pecos to return to the concrete and rude city of Miami in Florida. I will miss the warmth and quiet of my mountain retreat. I will miss my friend that comes to my window to beg sugarwater(photo). I will miss my "Friends of Bill" meeting at the monestary and all the new friends I met at the Pecos Rodeo (I even won a prize with my entry ticket). I will return ASAP to my Paradise until then take care of my friends.

~ M.L.C.

We are going to Pecos the end of September for an 50th wedding anniversay of our aunt and uncle. My parents were born and raised in the area, my mom in Rowe and my dad in San Juan. My great grantmother and grandfather homesteaded on the Rowe mesa and raised all their family there. I have many relatives in the area, though many have passed away. I have very precious memories of our trips to the area as a child. We all loved to go and see our families. This anniversary will be a very special time for all of us, as we have not been back there together in a very long time. We can hardly wait!!!

~ F.A.

Pecos...what wonderful memories i have growing up here and graduating from the High School in '89. Learning to flyfish on that beautiful river, the dances, and friends i made are something's i can never forget. I live in Albuquerque now but flyfish the rivers every summer, and still have a brother and sister who live in the village. My heart will always call Pecos home.

~ M.R.

I'll be visiting in November. My father, Leo, now deceased, circled Pecos on the map when he was out there about 25 years ago. Leo always "traveled to the beat of a different drum" when he was alive. He always wanted me to go out west with him, but I never quite made it. I guess I'm coming out there to get to know my father a little more. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Leo loved a shot and a beer. Are there any good bars out there?

~ L.B.

Great to find the site. I grew up in North San Ysidro and went to school in Pecos and graduated in 1985. I have left New Mexico in 1994 and only gone back to visit my familia as much as can. I have property in San Ysidro and can wait to build by dream home where I can retire. I miss the area and the people so very much. No matter where my travels have taken me through this great country I have always been proud to say where I was raised and where I went to high school. Than you for the great pictures of Pecos and the surrounding area it brings me closer to home. Mom and Dad I'll be home in a week or so.

~ M.A.

I have come to this place to fish the Pecos and its tributaries for a day or two every summer since I was 7 years old. That was the year 1975. I still try to find time to come up here to enjoy this peaceful wilderness which has a special place with my family.

~ G.S.

This is a wonderful website. Our family will be moving to Pecos from Seal Beach, CA mid November and are looking forward to our new life. Can't wait to hike, fish and discover. Be seeing and meeting you soon!

~ D.B.

Close friends have lived in Pecos for years and love it. Just looking at the website and pictures I can see why.

~ A.M.

My heart cannot open fuller to the beauty of your place in New Mexico--the photos are brilliant--the website great!! I am at peace just viewing the land and hummingbirds.. In Peace

~ Seva-kunj Hermitage, Pima, Arizona

My dad purchased 2 arces, then added to almost 4, in Pecos in the mid-60's, we started working almost every weekend (in the summer months) on building a small cabin, then later after lots of digging and pouring concrete footings, we took apart the small cabin, moved it to form the basement on the new house. Later we built on. I have such fond memories of fishing for the great trout in the Pecos River, running up and down the hills, back and forth to the market, seeing my sister Beth hangin out on her rock, hiding and trying to get some peace and time to herself, exploring the old hotel, wow!! As a boyscout, dad and I hiked up the the nearby lakes, Kaythern, Spirit, wonderful GOD'S Country. We are blessed to have the Pecos area. God Bless.

~ B.E.

This website brings back a happy memory of a short visit my sister and I made to Pecos in 2005. We had a wonderful New Mexico style breakfast at Frankie's Casanova. (I like my chile red and hot, please!) Then we visited the nearby Indian ruins. This North Carolinian thinks New Mexico lives up to its name of "Land of Enchantment". The beauty of your state, the food and the wonderful, friendly people certainly enchanted me!

~ N.B.

What a lovely site! I look forward to visiting Pecos again soon. Birthplace of my mother and for countless generations before and now after her. It'll be like going home to visit, it truly is enchanting!

~ C.T.

Wow, how nice to find such an imformative web site when searching out Pecos. We're coming from Phoenix Az. to escape the end of the blast furnace in our RV and was a little leary of having to go to Las Vegas or Santa Fe for a Burrito or a stamp, so I searched Pecos and found out that you have all we'll need after we find our campsite up SR 63. Thanks so much!

~ M.W.

Hiked through the Pecos Wilderness Area in 1964 with school friend, got off trail, had to go over mountain to get back on trail, no snowshoes in waist deep snow-very wet and cold-learned valuable Boy Scout lesson 'Be Prepared Always (my amendment to motto)'-the most beautiful trek of my life so far and I am now 57 and have lived a very sheltered existence.

~ B.C.

I grew up in South San Yisidro and graduated from Pecos HS in 1984, then departed for a career in the USAF. I now call the Spacecoast region of Central Florida home. The majestic beauty of the Pecos region has never left my memory. I have two brothers who live in Pecos and Aunts/Uncles, cousins and friends in the Pecos, Colonias and San Yisidro area. To the webmaster, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for reminding me of who I am.

~ F.B.

I graduated from PECOS in 1987 and have been serving my Country in the US ARMY for over 20 yrs and I just have to say that it is great to see a web site that displays the beauty that the Pecos is. I always use your site as ref: AS to where I plan on going back to when I retire.

~ A.T.

My father was born in Rowe and has family in Pecos. His mother was a Quintana. The last time I was out there I was rather young around 12. It was to go to my Great Uncle's funeral "John Quintana". It was such a magical place I hope to make it back some day.

~ S.D.

I love this website - it is well constructed and has beautiful pictures. It brings back a lot of memories of some wonderful people and times that I had there.

~ P.H.

Thank you for this very nice website so that people new to the area receive a wonderful introduction to the village and children that have moved away (like me) can have a glimpse of home. I miss the fresh smell of the pinon and tortillas, the views, and the warm people. Class of 1987.

~ D.M.

Wow, you're blessed people with this beautiful landscape. I'd love to live there.

~ F.M.

I love the Pecos area. I have lived in Santa Fe, Espanola and Taos, however it is the Pecos that I want to return to. My Great Grandfather was born there in the 19th century. I want to settle back in my homeland when my travels are done and contribute to the community. It is a great place. Hopefully, with God's will it will be soon. I miss New Mexico!

~ C.M.

I bring groups through Pecos once or twice a year to go backpacking in the Santa Fe National Forest. After each trip we try to get showers at Terrero before having a meal at Casa de Herrerras in Pecos. This September, I had car problems after the hike and had to get towed into town for repairs. What could have been a calamity turned out just fine. My crew sends special thanks to Joann and Jerry of Herrerras for their help, rides, showers, and food to make the trip a great success and joy in spite of otherwise being stranded, dirty, and starving! You guys are the best! - And everybody loves these truffles. Thanks again.

~ J.R.

Wow, the website looks great! Just looking at the pix made me all teary-eyed and homesick for Pecos. When we lived there in the nineties, the people were so kind to us, and really made us feel at home. I'm thrilled to see Casa de Herrera's still in business, because that's where we had our wedding reception! Note to self: find a way to get back to Pecos soon! Love to all you Pecosanos!

~ D.S.

I grew up near Pecos, NM and attended school in Pecos. I now live in Alaska and find myself thinking back on the simpler days in Pecos, my friends, and my family. Pecos is a beautiful area. I have travelled a great deal and have lived all over the United States and I can still remember the sunsets and sunrises in New Mexico, they are like no where else on Earth. Someday I will return for a visit but until then I would highly recommend Pecos, NM.

~ AB.L.

Hello Pecos, Still Loving You and your people and missing where my heart belongs. If anybody remembers me I would love to hear from you. Doreen's Tia.

~ Br. J.

Pecos...Gods country. Hello to one and all. Bendito el valle y bendita la jente.

~ C.V.

The Pecos National Historic Park

Gateway to the Plains - Spanish Mission Ruins and Native American Pueblo Ruins. It was one of the most significant Pueblos of the South West as it was a major trading hub for the Plains peoples and the Rio Grande peoples!

In the midst of piñon, juniper, and ponderosa pine woodlands in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains not far from Santa Fe, the remains of a Spanish Mission and an Indian pueblo stand as a meaningful reminder of a people who once prevailed here. Now a national historical park demonstrates to modern visitors the cultural exchange and geographic facets central to the rich history of the Pecos Valley.

Between the Sangre de Cristo mountains and the Glorieta mesa lies the Glorieta Pass, through which a continuously unfolding story of human culture has travelled to and from the Pecos Valley for thousands of years.

Pueblo and Plains Indians, Spanish conquerors and missionaries, Mexican and Anglo armies, Santa Fe Trail settlers and adventurers, tourists on the railroad, Route 66 and Interstate 25...the Pecos Valley has long been a backdrop that invites contemplation about where our civilization comes from and where it is going.

Pecos National Historical Park is composed of several noncontiguous units. The main unit of the park preserves the ruins of Pecos (Ciquique) Pueblo. The first Pecos pueblo was one of two dozen rock-and-mud villages built in the valley around AD 1100 in the prehistoric Pueblo II Era. Within 350 years the Pueblo IV Era Pecos village had grown to house more than 2,000 people in its five-storied complex. The main unit also protects the remains of a Spanish mission near the pueblo built in the early 17th century.

More than 10,000 years of this rich history is preserved for visitors to Pecos National Historical Park.

More Info

Pecos News & Events

Some of the news and happenings in Pecos New Mexico!

Santa Fe National Forest & Pecos Wilderness Area

The Pecos Wilderness is a protected wilderness area within the Santa Fe National Forest and Carson National Forest. The Santa Fe National Forest is a protected national forest in northern New Mexico. It was established in 1915 and covers 1,558,452 acres.

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The Battle Of Glorieta Pass

The Battle of Glorieta Pass, fought from March 26 to 28, 1862 in northern New Mexico Territory, was the decisive battle of the New Mexico Campaign during the American Civil War. Dubbed the "Gettysburg of the West" it was fought at Glorieta Pass in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

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Nearby Santa Fe

Santa Fe is New Mexico’s capital and sits in the Sangre de Cristo foothills. It’s renowned for its Pueblo-style architecture and as a creative arts hotbed. Founded as a Spanish colony in 1610, it has at its heart the traditional Plaza.

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Pecos Baldy Mountain and Lake

Pecos Baldy is a mountain summit in Mora County and climbs to 12,487 feet above sea level. It ranks as the 35th highest mountain in New Mexico and the 1,248th highest mountain in the United States.

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