Explore Santa Fe, New Mexico
The distance between Pecos and Santa Fe is 17 miles.

Santa Fe is New Mexico’s capital and sits in the Sangre de Cristo foothills. It’s renowned for its Pueblo-style architecture and as a creative arts hotbed. Founded as a Spanish colony in 1610, it has at its heart the traditional Plaza.

Santa Fe is widely considered one of the country's great art cities, due to its many art galleries and installations, and it is recognized by UNESCO's Creative Cities Network. Its cultural highlights include Santa Fe Plaza, the Palace of the Governors, the Fiesta de Santa Fe, numerous restaurants featuring distinctive New Mexican cuisine, and performances of New Mexico music. Among its many art galleries and installations are the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, a gallery by cartoonist Chuck Jones, and newer art collectives such as Meow Wolf. The cityscape is known for its adobe-style Pueblo Revival and Territorial Revival architecture.

 It is also at the highest altitude of any of the U.S. state capitals, with an elevation of 7,199 feet (2,194 m). The city's name means "Holy Faith" in Spanish, and is an abbreviation of La Villa Real de la Santa Fe de San Francisco de Asís ("the Royal Town of the Holy Faith of Saint Francis of Assisi").

Before European colonization of the Americas, the area Santa Fe occupied between 900 CE and the 1500s was known to the Tewa peoples as Oghá P'o'oge ("white shell water place") and by the Navajo people as Yootó ("bead" + "water place"). In 1598, Juan de Oñate established the area as Santa Fe de Nuevo México, a province of New Spain. Formal Spanish settlements were developed leading the colonial governor Pedro de Peralta to rename the area La Villa Real de la Santa Fé de San Francisco de Asís ("the Royal Town of the Holy Faith of Saint Francis of Assisi"). Although more commonly known as Santa Fe, this remains the city's full legal name, appearing on both the seal and the flag of the city.

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